Fastest camera?

Hey, does anyone know whats the fastest way to make a camera?



Easy : take a closed cardboard box, drill a small hole on one face, replace the opposite face by tracing paper, et voilà !

Anyway, what do you call a camera in OpenGL ? And how can you think it is slow ? Even if it was the case, it is only one computation per frame, compare that to 10000 triangles…

It is a bit difficult to figure out what you do mean…

Are you talking about drawing the shape of a camera in OpenGL, or the “camera” concept itself in OpenGL (gluLookAt/gluPerspective) ? or maybe something else ?


Im sorry for not being clear. Btw, ZBuffer, ill try that, its a good idea :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Umm, what I mean was, there are probably more efficient, and less efficiate ways to program a camera. A camera, not depending on an object, just a free camera. The user can move it wherever he/she goes. So I wanted to know what would be the most efficient way to make this type of camera.

EDIT: Yes, I meant “the ‘camera’ concept itself in OpenGL”

Once again, please accept my apologies for not being clear.


Hi !

I don’t think there is any “speed” problem involved at all no matter how you do it, gluLookAt can do most of the work for you if you are happy with that, you just have to keep some variables to keep track of the camera location, target and up vector.

It all depends a little on what kind of camera you want to use and what kind of application.

But I don’t think you should care to much about the time to handle it, because it is a tiny small amount of time compared to the rendering time.


ok! Thanx.

I thought that there is faster way to do anything. Coz when i wasnt into programming with openGL, I used some popular 3d engines, and in those engines, you always had choice, of how to do something. And one choice would always be the fastest, and most efficient. I guess its not the case here. Ill have to get used to.