fast upload texture

I need to update 60 fps a texture with a movie frame (directshow filter— multithread application). I use gltexsubimage2D(…) to upload the new frame… but it takes between 5ms and 15 ms to upload the texture… What can I do to improve the upload time… It seems the nv_pixel_data_range is a good way but I don’t find any tutorial … is there any tutorial or another way to do that?

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Huh ? 5 to 15 ms updates is 200 to 66 fps. That’s more than your target, so what’s the problem exactly ? And what size/format is your texture ?


it’video like 720x576 60fps. it’s GL_BGR_EXT format. 5 to 15 ms is too long, the video decompressing take also time … and I need to display at least two movies a the same time.

I don’t know, the resolution is pretty high, that’s roughly 100 Mb/second of uploading speed. Not too bad if you ask me. You can try experimenting with other formats (16 bits textures ?), try reducing the resolution… use a lower framerate (60 fps for a video ? 24-30 fps is the standard)… you can try to look at the nv_pixel_data_range specification (i don’t know any tutorial), but frankly i don’t believe you’ll get a lot more than 100 Mb/sec.