Fast Terrain Engine

Hi guys, Im working a new terrain engine and Im wondering what is the best and fastest way around to render large terrain?

Depends. Define large.

And for starters: click here

No, here for starters:

I think the fastest way to render a large terrain, is to use OpenGL.


vterrain is good.

suggestions would be like geometry clipmaps or ROAM (adaptive meshes). It really depends on what you mean by large.

Kinda google earth style but on a city scale.

Since the calculation or ROAM is done in real time, I doubt that in this case the method would be appropriate since the number of calculations will be way beyond the limit concidering the size of the terrain displayed.

So what would be best approach in order to precalculate everything (or at least as much as possible) and have a fast way to display it?

well brute force is the fastest way of displaying it.
geomipmaps are the optimal LOD method for smaller terrains.

that’s what I figured, but just wanna make sure…

anyway tks guys…

and Geometry ClipMaps are the way to go if you’re talking extreme resolutions/extents.