Fast Multi Page Flipping

I’m doing a stereo graphic project, was thinking about usings some DirectDraw functions since pageflipping seems clear and fast. Also the Back buffer is not distroyed when the buffers are swaped as in OpenGL. There must be an easy way to do it in OpenGL?
And how do you access memory directly on Video Card like we use to do in DOS? That might be more a Win32 “?”.

Guys @Nvidia have done the job for you with their stereo drivers (2 methods, flip | anaglyph )
just dl the drivers…

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Thanks Ozzy. But hope it works without 3d Cards :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think it does

I see, u should try search with stereo rendering with google…

This code is still based on the card and drivers being compatatible. I’m needing a way that is compatable with all cards. And it doesn’t matter if its slower. I’ve tryed using glDrawPixels with some success yet I require MORE POWER. Well more speed anyway.

Wouldn’t it be good if OpenGl had an addressable back buffer. Or even better relocatable. Does anyone know how to access it directly, I get the feeling everyone here is experts in OpenGl, but think outside the box people. (excuse all spelling errors)