Fake shadow

Hi guys,

I have a simple landscape and i want to add a fake shadows for some objects on it.

Basically, i have an alpha texture with a big dot on it, and i need to blend this over terrain, and cover eventually all small obejcts under shadow, any trick to do that?


Use multitexture with GL_MODULATE, place the dot on the second texture unit, set up texgen appropriately and hope you don’t use that texture unit for anything else.

The alternative is to do another pass (with source * destination color in the blendfunc.

okay, but this force me to render some parts of terrain again, right?

Not if you use multitexture when you draw everything.

Ok, maybe i havent explain corectly what i need.

I want to be able to move this shadow over terrain and cover everything was rendered.

A similar effect is a fake light circle over scene.

I have no idea how this thing is called.