Does anybody know if the Fahrenheit project is still being actively developed. If not, will there ever be a OpenGL ICD using DirectX drivers (and I don’t mean the sh#tty implementation of SciTech’s GLDirect)?

Fahrenheit died a long time ago when SGI left the project after MS announced that Fahrenheit would not be cross-platform.

according to that web page, Faenheit is available for two years now (at least the scene graph part on windows) :wink:

Originally posted by kansler:
Does anybody know if the Fahrenheit project is still being actively developed.

Fahrenheit died before SIGGRAPH '99 (which is why a bunch of new scenegraphs started in late '99/early '00 to fill the hole left by it, including ours (www.opensg.org)), when SGI left it.

I think MS finished the Windows 1.0 version and released it in early '00 but stated they would not be working on it any more.

Has anybody used it at all? Should we relocate this into the high-level toolkit forum?

No heiman, SGI drastically scaled back work on the project, then MS kept it going through what was left of the beta test, and said they were stopping development of the product. I think they said this at exactly the same time they released version 1.0 completely killing the product while meeting their commitments. Fahrenheit is officially dead as software gets.

Go use Open Scene Graph:

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P.S. you don’t seem to know what Fahrenheit was judging by your question. The only part that ever got developed was the Scene Graph. It had nothing to do with implementing OpenGL on D3D. The FLL or Fahrenheit low level was always different things to different people, I doubt SGI or M$ would ever have seen eye to eye on it. To this day I’m not sure how much of a sellout it was intended to be.

dorbie, I was actually referring to the folowing paragraph in the above mentioned link:

What’s this about Microsoft investigating a standard OpenGL ICD using DirectX drivers?
While still in the early research stages, Microsoft is currently investigating implementing a Microsoft Standard ICD that will use DirectX drivers to provide full OpenGL functionality at high performance. This will allow IHVs to build a single driver that will deliver both DirectX and OpenGL functionality (currently, IHVs that support OpenGL write two drivers: one for Direct3D and one for OpenGL).

But I get it know, Fahrenheit == Vaporware

Actually, there is a MS driver that emulates openGL by using Direct3D. It came with Windows XP. The driver reports itself as “Microsoft Corp. 1.1 Direct3D”. It was discussed in the forums here: http://www.opengl.org/discussion_boards/ubb/Forum3/HTML/004091.html