Fade screen

First of all, thanks everyone about my glut vs winapi thing… but does anybody have an idea of fading the screen? i could use a rectangle with alpha values, but im not sure… so?


Draw a fullscreen quad, and fade it upto solid black.

Easiest, and probably the fastest.


OK, i did that, but the box isnt faded… it stays black. the scene is a simple solar system, and 2 dialog boxes, without text, that they are blended… the box seems to stand in front of everything. i have set up an ortho view, but it doesnt do it…any ideas? i can email u the project to see by urself. thanx

Unfortunatly I am decent-video-card-less at the moment.

Could you describe the problem again?

Does the quad render over the entire screen properly?

IS the problem that it’s always black or something.

You’ll need to blend it over the top of the scene.