Eye -> Target Position

Hello !
wich command allows to change the target of the eye ? It always fixes the (0,0,0) point !


What the hell is master-up vector?

i think the master up-vector should be the vector of the view before transforming to look at the destpoint, but dont know 100% (dont use glut…)

The upvector is the vector, in eyespace, telling gluLookAt where the camera’s up is directed. If the camera is “up side down”, the upvector would point downwards in eyespace, for example.

So it’s direction vector?
Tk2 why I can’t use glut?

Glu is not Glut. Glu is a set of helper functions for OpenGL. Glut is a framework library for making OpenGL programs.

FoxDie, i never sayed that YOU dont have to use glut, only that I dont use glut

P.S: glu or glut, for me are both not needed/not recommended(you cannot say that apps with glut/glu run on other systems without recompile on them)

GLUT is very good PORTABLE.
Korval I know what is GLU and GLUT.