Extreme Newbie ??

I just read NeHe’s first and second oGL tutorials for M$ Windows. They both compile and run w/out errors or warnings, but they don’t display anything. In fullscreen mode, the screen is just black, and in window’d mode, the window has no display (it will display what was behind the window when it starts up, if you resize it larger, you get some corruption on the edges, etc). What will cause this problem? The source I got from the site compiles and runs perfectly, but I can’t seem to spot the difference between my code and NeHe’s ('cept his is alot neater). Any suggestions?

You can E-Mail the response to Eliman@bellatlantic.net preferably

Check again if you do not have some error in rewriting the name of constants (for example GL_EQUAL and GL_LEQUAL etc.)

I got same problem

Ha, I forgot a function call from the tutorial
in CreateGLWindow(…)

If anybody else has these symptoms, check that line.