extensions, multiple contexts and GLEW

hi, i must use extensions in multiple contexts, so i tried GLEW as it supports multiple contexts, but i don’t know how to use it.

i defined GLEW_MX, included glew.h. i defined GLEWContext, bu it is only struct and not object as mentionoed on GLEWs web page, and don’t know what they mean by creating it, i just declared it. and here is my problem, the GLEWContext is member variable of a class, i also defined member function glewGetContext(), which returns pointer to struct. bu when i use non-standard gl functions, the program won’t compile saying, that ‘glewGetContext’: identifier not found… :frowning: (

what should i do? i did not find any examples of such use of GLEW.

thanks a lot.

nobody? :frowning: i really need it, please help me someone…

I’m guessing you havn’t seen this page? http://glew.sourceforge.net/basic.html

From what I remember when using glew it was fairly easy to setup and use.


i have seen that page, but i need the advanced usage… which i have problems with…

Advanced usage would be on this page…


i know where advanced usage is. i am just unable to make it work in my case. please read my first post again.

i did it