Extensions and VB

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Does anyone have any idea as how to use extensions (such as multitexturing) in VB? My .tlb library
contains declarations such as:

    [entry(0x6000001c), helpstring("todo")]
    void _stdcall glMultiTexCoord4f(
                    GLenum __MIDL_0083, 
                    GLfloat __MIDL_0084, 
                    GLfloat __MIDL_0085, 
                    GLfloat __MIDL_0086, 
                    GLfloat __MIDL_0087); 

and have the mention “Todo” as if unfinished.

I heard that you have to use a dll because VB doesn’t accept pointers or stuff like that. Does anyone have a link of page that talks about how to override this problem!?

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Try using GLEW?

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What is GLEW and where can I get it? :slight_smile:
I am now learning how to compile DLL’s for VB so that I can use extensions, so I am now programming in C++!

For me OpenGL in C++ is a new experience. I got this problem: “LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file “glut32.lib”
Error executing link.exe.”
Anybody can help me how to fix it?


glut32.lib is usually not part of the standard libraries that come with win32 compilers.However you may download the library from:


hope that helps!Cheers!

I found the glut32.lib
and the GLEW link for anyone else that wants it is:

I will give it a try… :slight_smile: