Extending mass spring system to volume

Hi all,
I have just finished my mass spring on a 2D surface and it works fine. I followed on the approach given in OpenGL superbible 5th ed. whereby i have a pair of vao for position and velocities and a pair of texture buffer to help in accesses in the shader and then using transform feedback i get the mass springs fine.

I want to know how do i go about adding the third dimension. Adding the positions and velocites to the vbo should be a simple. What about transform feedback could I just update a single pos/vertex vbo like i m doing right now for the surface model. Please advice on what should be the optimum appraoch for this.


Another thing is that currently the connection are passesd in as GL_RGBA32F format so i can have 4 32bit values which are sufficient for a 2D case where i have only 4 neighbors to lookup.
In 3d case, i have 6 neighbors to lookup can i use a higher format to store 6 integers? or the other way i can thnk of is to create a another buffer object for containg the other connections. Is there any other alternate.