In latest NVIDIA’s driver included EXT_transform_feedback.
But glGetString doest not show this extention.

Did anybody use this extention ?

I do use this extension. It was alerady included in the first drivers for the 8000 series because AFAIK they use this extension in their OpenGL demos. I’m using it for a particle system completely on the GPU. Check http://3d.benjamin-thaut.de maybe you want to have a look at my sourcecode. The extension is used in feedback.h and feedback.cpp

I use this extension as well. I’m using it to compute a vector field using a user-defined function in a shader.


You do not understand me :slight_smile:

I have got lates driver. I see NV_transform_feedback. I have no problem with him. But I do not see EXT version.

I have got 8600GTS.

Are you sure? Exactly EXT_ ?
I am confused

I’ve checked your link. You write "need NV_transform_feedback "

I am not crazy. I am asking about exactly EXT_

Sorry didn’t see the EXT part. On nvidias homepage the extension is not listed in the opengl extensions listing. So I don’t think they support that extension yet. Furthermore it doesn’t make a difference if you use the EXT or NV extension, because the interfave looks the same and ATI doesn’t support the extension anyway.

Dont care.
As I know there is deffrence between EXT_ and NV_.

What about ATI(AMD) - it is terrible dream !
I’ve been waiting while a year for ATI reaction on EXT_geometry_shaders and ect. ATI dont move in this direction.

OK. Thanks you

What do you mean “don’t care”?! The difference betwen EXT_ and NV_ is very small. If you want this extension, you can use it on Nvidia card.

Or get a Mac, they all support EXT_transform_feedback

I ask for EXT_ but he means NV_.
We had communication problem :slight_smile:

I did not know that Mac support EXT_transform_feedback.
But it will not help me. I am working only with PC.
And I dont use vendor specific extension on my work, only EXT or ARB.

Well, then you will have to wait till everyone suports it (won’t happen anytime soon). IMHO, Nvidia is not going to support the EXT_ part untill other IHVs support it.

Anyway, the feature is there and can be used on Nvidia cards. If you are so stubborn and “don’t use vendor extensions”, it is your fault…

I dont want to start war with you :slight_smile:

Let me ask you. I think you use ARB_draw_buffers rather than ATI_draw_buffers. I am right?

If you want to get latest featers you can you vendor extension.
But if you dont want to write different render paths for each vendor in real projects - you use EXT and ARB, do you ?

If a feature is there and I think my project can benefit from it, I use it, even if it is one vendor only. I think it is a reasonable thing to do. Of course it depends on your app and your user base :wink: But as things are now, on PC only Nvidia supports the extension, unfortunately…

Mine doesn’t support EXT_transform_feedback either but NV_transform_feedback is present.

There is not much reason to not use NV_transform_feedback because when the EXT version or ARB version gets created, the functionality will be identical or near identical. Changing your code would take 5 minutes.

BTW, ARB_draw_buffers went into GL 2.0 which was some years ago.