EXT_packed_depth_stencil on nVidia

According to glxinfo, this extension is supported on my graphic card (geForceFX) with 87.56 drivers, but it is not listed in the headers. I simply can’t access any of the constants.

Anyone knows something about this ? Should I add it to the headers ? Is it a miss from nVidia ? Or is it currently in a too early implementation stage so that it has been decided not to include them in the headers ?

Consider using library like GLEW or GLEE.
I use GLEW (glew.sourceforge.net) - it has EXT_packed_depth_stencil.


Yes but I don’t use it. I prefer now using GL_GLEXT_PROTOTYPES, right more easier than glew :slight_smile:
Also, one fact under Linux with nVidia is that libraries and headers are providen with the drivers.

So regarding what you said, I’ll might manually add them in my sources. But if someone has information about this, please let me know.