EXT madness! :)

I was waiting for this NV_primitive_restart a long long time and i was so disapointed by the multi_draw_arrays EXT from the guys @SUN :wink:
Anyhow, i would like to know if this great extension (which took time (almost 3 revs) to our favorite engineers :wink: will be possibly supported (without emulation) on earlier version known as NV1x and NV2x families?? (matt,mcCraig?) :slight_smile:

Moreover and now it is completely different i have seen an extension called WIN_swap_hint in the papers but no spec attached as it is win32 related. :frowning:
any infos?


Primitive restart is unlikely to ever be fast on earlier hardware.

  • Matt

What I really want to know is: who is β€œmcCraig”?

  • Matt

Ok ^^
what about the swap hint then?