I’ve been trying to use the EXT_framebuffer_object on my Geforce 6800 Ultra (board is made by Albatron) with no success! The GL_EXT_framebuffer_object is never present in my extensions strings. I’ve tried the 76.41 and 76.44 drivers.

I thought the extension may simply not be listed in the extensions string and tried grabbing the function pointers anyway, but that didn’t work either.

Any suggestions? How are other people using this extension?


In case anyone else runs into this, there seems to be a bug in the beta drivers (they are beta afterall). If you’re using dual monitors, disable your second monitor. Some people needed to reinstall the drivers after that, I didn’t need to but keep it in mind if it doesn’t work right away.

The extension is now there :slight_smile:

You cannot use dual monitors (although it does seem to work with clone) with this extension. I read you could re-extend to your second monitor but that does not seem to work, I have to switch back to single monitor when I want to work with this extension.