export opengl 3d scene to SVG

I need to export 3dscene to Scalable Vector Format or any other 2d vector format.
Are there any exisiting solutions to this problem (open source soft, libraries, etc)?
As I suppose the direct approach to the problem is simply to project the vertices on the plain, and then construct 2d vector primitives from projected points. Then one should take into account the distance from the vertex to the plain, to decide what goes to foreground.
Is it possible to make the deletion of background vertices with standard opengl functions (the process is very similar to screen drawing)?

I’ve seen some code before that did render a scene with the GL and then retrieved feedback data from the GL that was then translated into postscript. Maybe this would be a good approach for you too.

Thanks! Found nice open source library GL2PS with SVG export support (http://www.geuz.org/gl2ps/)