Execution causes two Windows to pop up


Im using the VC++ environment to code OpenGL. But everytime I Execute my program, The OpenGL output appears in a “console” and another DOS window opens too. What should I do only to get the OpenGL output window and not the other DOS Window ?


This usually happens when using GLUT to make OpenGL programs. If you are using this then the only way i know of is to write all the code from the ground up. Go to http://nehe.gamedev.net or http://www.gametutorials.com to get an OpenGL skeleton program which will allow you to just write your GL code without worrying about creating windows or any of that.

There is a way to prevent the console window coming up with GLUT. Although I don’t know what it is, if you dont want to use win32 code, it is possible.

Hi, simple solution to this one. Its in the FAQ . Go to the Project Menu -> Settings -> Dialog -> Select the Link Tab. In the projet options edit box add /SUBSYSTEM:WINDOWS/ENTRY:mainCRTStartup to the end.

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