Errors when playing games

I just got a new Video card, and ever since I have not been able to play some of the games I do. The card I bought is a Sappire HD 3850 for the AGP slot.

The errors that I’m getting when trying to start City of Heroes are “Your card/driver does not support”:

When I try to play Wolfenstien: Enemy Territory, it wont start saying that Open GL cant be initiallized.

If anyone has any ideas, or need more info from me let me know. I’ve been trying to get this to work for 4 days now and can’t seem to find a solution. Thanks for your time

did you get the latest drivers for your card? These extensions are pretty old and should be supported by your card as far as I know.

What is your OS ? Vista 64 bits, XP SP2 … ?
What was your previous card ? Is it still installed inside your PC ?
Did you uninstall the previous card’s drivers (you should have) ?
How did you install your drivers : from AMD website, or windows auto update, or was it provided with the card ?
What is your ATI/AMD driver version ?

I got that latest drivers (Hotfix Catalyst 8.6) drivers off of the Sappire web site.
My OS is XP 32 bit sp3
previous card was a Radeon 9600 All-In-Wonder, it is no longer in my system
I ran the unistall of the drivers through add/remove programs, then booted in safe mode and ran Driver Cleaner Pro

From what I’ve gathered the HD series is plauged with problems, I didn’t do the research until I had the card already though. But most of the problems are crashes and unstable systems. I have found little to no help on OpenGL not even running

Do you mind if you download GPU-Z and pcwizard 2008.

With GPUZ post the information.
And with PCwizard 2008, go into the OPENGL tab and post the information. I want to see something.

You know i had the same issue with my 2400 HD pci card. I think the problem with alot of ati cards which i have been notice, if you look in the openGL tab it says there is no hardware acceleration, only software.

The thing is, going back to my Geforce 6200 PCI card, it says its hardware acceleration enable and those games which i couldn’t play work perfectly now. But with the 2400 i was getting game crashing, etc you name.

I am really scared to buy another ATI card, seriously. I think the drivers in the past had more features and was design better.
I don’t believe nobody at ati is aware of that open gl issue.

My advice, just continue testing out new drivers and those old ones that may support the 3850.

Maybe the HD cards really does have issues, or maybe its only with AGP and PCI cards. I don’t have PCI-E slots yet, so i cant do any testing. SO just download various drives that support the card, and download the driver from " Sappire ".

Also download some of the AGP hotfix drivers, some of them may fix the issue. :slight_smile: