Errors in gl.h when compiling

I’m getting a BUNCH of errors when compiling a simple program. It’s comes at the “#include <GL/gl.h>” then about 100 errors within the header file. Most of them deal with “WINGDIAPI.”

I think I have the most updated header files for gl.h, glu.h and glut.h. Anybody have any ideas or come across this problem before?

  • Chris

P.S. I’m using MS VC++ 98 compiling in XP Pro.

make sure you #include windows.h before gl.h, and wth is VC++ 98?

Sorry for reviving this thread, but I’m interested WHY that is necessary. Is that the VC complaining, or is it a problem with gl.h?

…as this issue somehow p%s&es me off… :wink:
I was writing some classes in VC and spent hours searching for what was going wrong. Finally I gave up and searched the forum just to see that it wasn’t my damn fault…

windows.h includes the WINGDIAPI and APIENTRY definitions that gl.h depends on.

Thank you for answering. So I could port my classes to UNIX without changing anything but the #include <windows.h>… That’s a relief somehow…

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