Error: cannot open display

After compiling an OpenGL program using gcc, I can’t run it from the terminalby typing “./a.out”
If I do so, I get the following error:
GLUT: Fatal error in a.out: could not open display: ainband600:0.0

where ainband600 is my computer’s hostname.

If I open GNOME and run a.out using the “Run” command then the program runs fine.

Can anyone help me out here?
Thanks in advance…

When you say you try to run it from the terminal, do you mean you’ve logged into your X server and are running it in an xterm, or do you mean you have just logged into your box to a plain terminal login and haven’t run startx yet?

You need to be running your app from an X session, so if the latter case, that would be your problem.

Nope, the problem occurred even if I had an X session started.
Turned out it was a problem with GNOME, I had to remove .gconf and .gconfd and shutdown gconftool.
Things worked out fine after that.
Thanks for the response, though.

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