Quick question: I got some code which compiles perfectly under Linux. Then I moved the code to Windows and get (MS Visual Studio 2010):

error C2065: ‘PFNWGLGETEXTENSIONSSTRINGARBPROC’ : undeclared identifier

Google doesn’t help me very much. Could somebody here please suggest what it wants me to #include in order to declare this symbol/identifier?

What are you using to load OpenGL function pointers?

Just include wglext.h.

Also exclude glxext.h if it is still included since it is for Linux only. It wouldn’t make problems, but you don’t need it on Windows. Wglext is the Windows counterpart.

Ah, thanks a lot… I also think I struggled quite a bit about the ordering of something (coming before something else)… If other people get this problem: I found out that I/you should NOT download the binary (at least 64-bit) version from Instead download the source version, because otherwise something will be missing…

Now my cross-platform code (win/linux), at least compiles on both platforms - thanks.