enhanced glut dll's


Please would people check out some mods I
made to glut (to help get around problems).

You can find 2 zip files:

        file             compiler
borlandglut.zip      BCC 5.0
MSglut.zip           MSVC 6.0



new function prototypes



does event processing THEN returns to the user program.

glutWMCloseFunc( yourclosefunc )

 adds a per window callback to catch the user who shuts down using "X" !!!

See the Readme file for typical usage.

WMtest.c is included as a test program.

NB. The MSVC is based on the latetst source
whereas the Borland version is on an
older version (seems to work OK!)

If there is sufficient interest I can 
recompile etc the new stuff with Borland.

Anyone who needs source files for Unix, email me using the address in the Readme

Oh yes, get them at


Enjoy, and pass msg on if useful


I’ve had something like this for download for quite some time now (only for VC, though)… It also includes rudimentary PBuffer-support for Win32