Engine questions

Does anyone know a good website that details engine theory? I am learning openGL and am specifically interested in game design and creation.

I can do the whole build a box, put some textures on it deal. What I need is some info on what exactly should go into a game engine, such as what types of functions and how to handle model loading, animation, multiple textures, loading a world, etc.

So, any sites that document game engine theory or that have source code for game engines would be appreciated! Thank you.

http://www.wild-magic.com/ http://www.magic-software.com/
And check out Dave Eberly’s Book as well.

Warning: Eberly assumes you are comfortable with linear algebra and calculas.

Penance, I think that you should begin with learning opengl and its functionnalities and capabilities before blindly throwing yourself into game design (which is a highlty complicated subject).
I don’t know if you just want to design a game and/or also program it.
in both case you need to know what the graphic api you use can or cannot do and how it’s done.

I recommend you buy a book to know more about game programming, the Game programming gems 1 and 2 are very good books but may be too specific on certain game aspect and not explain general game design enough.

I don’t mean no offense you just seem too jump too fast into something that’s very difficult.

Learning opengl or any other graphic API is a great way to understand how game are done.

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