Emulation of Selection mode


I am porting Blender to PocketPC (http://blenderce.blogspirit.com/) so I need to implement some functions of OpenGL not present in OpenGL ES. That’s the case for SELECT mode.

I am rendering each primitive in an offscreen buffer and then checking if a pixel was written… if a pixel was written, that mean that the primitive was in the viewing volume… This primitive will then cause a selection hit.

But that mean that I have to check for each primitive each pixel of the screen!

Maybe there is a better solution :=) Any suggestions?

Thanks for your help,

How about color id, or line-geometry intersections (my personal fave), or some sort of hybrid approach that depends on the objects in question?

I no nothing about PocketPC.




Blender is already also using these methods. But Blender also use glSelectMode. I don’t want to heavily modify the source code. I prefer to work on an isolated wrapper module.