Emergency! pixel rendering question?

My quesion is about the pixel rendering under the special circumstance:

what will happen when the object size is smaller than the size of the pixel?

Suppose that we draw a cylinder in the diagonal direction. The size of cylinder is so small that it is shown in the monitor as a line. But what I saw is a dotted line. I think that it is kind of scaling problem. Some pixels are turned on but some are not. Why is that? Anyone can give me a clear explanation? What is the mechanism behind to determine which pixles can be turned on and which ones can not? Is there any way to eliminate it?


I think you are meaning aliasing effects. Check out the red book for example. The new GF4 has improved multisampling that can be used for antialiasing. Here is some information about GF4 and antialiasing http://www.nvnews.net/previews/geforce4/page_1.shtml

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