Embedded Systems

Hello together,

I develop embedded systems software, where the programs are run by small micro-controllers. Can anyone answer me the following question, can I download a system independant OpenGL source code from anywhere and just use the 2D librarys, because my controller (40MIPS) is too weak for the 3D?
I am only interessted in simple grafics which I want to draw on a small TFT (similar to that of a mobil phone) for example lines, triangles, polygons ect. I would much prefer the source code in C instead of C++ because the most micro-controllers don`t support C++.

many thanks


maybe i got you wrong, but opengl does not have 2D and 3D libraries. ogl is always 3D. it can be used for 2D graphics, but it still uses its 3D functions.

anyway, if you want sources, check out Mesa