eglCreatePixmapSurface on Axim X51v


I’m trying to render into a pixmap but eglCreatePixmapSurface always generates an EGL_BAD_ALLOC error and returns a NULL pointer. I get the same result by using the code from [1]. The pixmap itself is created correctly.

Has anyone of you ever tried to create a pixmap surface using the OpenGLES API for the Intel 2700g chip and/or had a similar problem? I’m wondering whether it’s actually supported…

Another question (which is a little bit offtopic in this forum) is: Did anyone play around yet with the DualDisplay-API of the 2700g in conjunction with OpenGLES with the goal to render in a larger resolution on an external display?

I’m grateful for every hint.



Please check the following document from Intel which specifies what functionality is supported by the Intel driver for the Intel 2700G processor present in the Dell Axim X51v:

The document indicates that eglCreatePixmapSurface in not supported.

Hope this helps,


Yes, thanks for the link.

But now I think I have a real problem rendering to an external display… :frowning:


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