EGL with X


I want to use OpenGL-ES on a linux system.As i know OpenGL-ES mandates use of EGL and therefore, i can’t go the glX path.Correct me if i am wrong.

So,I am looking for some EGL implementation on top of X window system.I have gone through the EGL spec, but finding it too abstract on areas where it talks about the reltion between EGL & the underlying window system.It would be easier if i could have got chance to look into similar code.

If anyone has similar code or expertise with whom, i can discuss my doubts…please let me know.It would be very helpful for me.


Please ask at OpenGL ES forums:

OpenGL ES does not mandate use of EGL (in fact there is a well-known platform with OpenGL ES but no EGL), but GLX doesn’t have the provisions to create an OpenGL ES context.

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