Efficient use of OpenGL with the .NET Framework

Well, I have a realy great problem. Nowadays, I’m learning C#, and I think it’s a quite good language, but I couldn’t make efficient codes, with it. In fact I mean that, all the wrappers (csGL, Tao), are too old to be useful for me. It won’t be a great problem, because the latest release of the Tao supports OpenGL 1.5, and it could be good for me for a long time, however, if I try to use some of the more “advanced” features (glActiveTexture, glGenBuffers etc.), an exception raising, that the entry point of these functions cannot be found in the OpenGL32.dll What can I do? Is there any alternative of Tao? How is that possible, to not support OGL under .NET as well, as under “native” systems?

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