Edge Dimension or Edge Size

No matter we draw objects with “glu” serious such as gluCylinder or just draw a plane, when we rotate the image to some certain angle, for example, we look at the objects from side, they just disappear because the edge does not have a dimension or a thickness. Is there any way to “turn on” the edge?

Well maybe you could redraw the object again but this time use the GLU_LINE primitive type in the gluQuadricDrawStyle func. Im not sure if when using the quadrics you can set the line width (when using GLU_LINE) like you could with the GL_LINES primitive since i never tried it. But hey, maybe you can. You may have to play with the depth funcs to avoid any anomilies if any. Sometimes when drawing an object over another one at the exact same place causes problems. Maybe PolygonOffset would help if problems were to arise?