Easy Videos

Have tried a few different ways but does anyone have a goo wa of importing vids into gl… cross platform is good so a simple mpeg lib (more recent) would be good??

Have you tried a google for “mpeg library?”

You can take a look at GStreamer, it’s cross platform, it’s becoming a standard on UNIX for audio/video displaying and it handles most of the formats you’d want to use thanks to its bunch of plugins.

Just look at the homepage <http://gstreamer.freedesktop.org>, there’s a few projects like Togra or Elisa which use it for OpenGL video rendering.

I have tried google but most libs are mpeg 1/2, found 1 that does mpeg 4 (struggled getting it to compile on a mac), but was just asking about to see what other people had used.

ffmpeg and libavcodec for mpeg 4 support :

used in VLC, and vlc has OpenGL display

just the ticket thanks