Easy peasy bump mapping?

I’m thinking of implementing bump mapping in my engine. What is the easiest way of doing this?

Dot3 seems “rather” easy but I have skinned animated meshes… how will this work?

I’m thinking on transforming the light vector into the space of each vertex. That is, I will end up with a vector of light positions (one for each bone matrix) that I can use when calculating the color of each vertex using tangent space. Will this work or do I need to transform the tangent space vectors in some way?



Although you are a beginning bump-mapper - bump mapping is still considered an `advanced’ topic! Post this on the advanced forum and you’ll get many replies

well… I will try to do that!

I’m always having difficulties knowing what is advanced and what is not…


Bump mapping is rapidly evolving, so you have to be specific on what
kind of bump mapping you want.

I found this to be an awesome article on the advancement of bump mapping: http://www.tweak3d.net/articles/bumpmapping

There’s like 4 or more different types of bump mapping, the simplest
to the advanced, software to hardware, worst quality to best quality:

  • Pre-calculated bump mapping
  • Emboss bump mapping
  • Environment Mapped Bump Mapping (EMBM)
  • Dot3 bump mapping

Dot3 is at the top (best), while emboss is at the bottom (worst).