Dynamically allocated vertex arrays

Hi all,
I’ve got a problem with my GL code that uses vertex arrays. I need to read data from files and allocate memory accodringly to my vertex, color, and index arrays. I’m testing my code on a simple cube. When I read the cube information from a file and then try to render it I get a blank screen. However, when I manually create arrays and fill them with the same data I can see the cube. I’ve verified that the dynamically allocated arrays contain the correct index, vertex, and color data. I’m at a loss here; any help is greatly appreciated.


PS. This was originally posted in the advanced forum where I was asked to post it here instead.

Source code pls.

Last month ago, I’ve tested successfully dynamic vertex array.

Thanks dude. I think I got it. It was a type mismatch. (GL_INT and GL_UNSIGNED_INT).