dynamic SV and memory!

Hi! I have n-objects.Each object have list of
shadow volumes. One shadow volume per effected light. Lights can move and objects can move. all ok, BUT! if light leave object i need to destroy SV-buffer in object , and if light touch object i need to create SV-buffer for object. HOW HANDLE DYNAMIC FAST MEMORY ALLOCATIONS FOR THIS PROCESS IN REAL-TIME ? What do you think on this problem ?
I think J.C. in D3 slowe this problem …


Would it be so bad to have a maximum number of lights that can affect the object, and have fixed set of buffers always allocated for an object? That way no dynamic allocation would be needed. Whether this is acceptable or not depends on what you’re doing, for games it should be ok.


I wonder what the memory requirement will be for D3, both RAM and video.

I’m guessing over 200MB & 32 at minimum settings

PS: I would opt for one time allocation since there isnt much point in deallocating and reallocating continuously as the program runs.