Dyanmic Texture

hi all,
i want to know, can i apply texture dynamically… that is, i want to change texture for an quad when the application is running… i want the details regrading this.
please help me out in this issue

In general yes, it’s possible to dynamically change a texture.
Though you have to be a little bit more specific if you want us to help you.

…and post in the beginners forum.

zeoverlord: if i have placed an .ms3d model in the 3d space with a texture and it’s displaying fine when it’s executed… now if i want to change the texture of the same model using some keyboard or button interface while the application is still running!!!
so is it possible to change the texture while an application is running

Sure, just upload the texture the same way you uploaded the first and then bind it instead of the other one.

You might want to read some tutorials about texture mapping. For example here: nehe.gamedev.net
That’s really very basic stuff, you will find tons of tutorials about it on the net.


ok Jan… I will explain u my problem in detail…
i will draw an quad (let me name it for reference: quad1) textured mapped with 1.bmp file & this quad will be displayed when i run the program, now if i want to change the texture of the qaud1 with 2.bmp, how will i do it while the application is running!!!

Yeah Jan, how!!!

  1. You might want to follow knackered’s advice.
  2. You might want to read my suggestions above once again AND follow them, instead of asking the same question for the third time.
  3. I won’t do your work.