DX10 preliminary spec out -or will we have the same features availble in OpenGL core

Well, I briefly read the DX10 spec and was kinda impressed. For one thing, the features seem quite powerful, for the other, the API looks clean and simple to me.

So now I’m curious whether we will have access to the same features with a nice API by the end of next year, when Vista and proper HW will be available.

And I don’t talk about {NV,ATI;EXT;ARB} extensions, I talk about an OpenGL 2.x core API. If MS can do that until next year, why not the ARB?

>If MS can do that until next year, why not the ARB?

It seems to me there are two reasons:
The first is that the ARB wants to be sure that the way the new features are exposed fots well into OpenGL, allows for future hardware improvements, etc. In short all those good things we like about OpenGL.
The other reason is that the ARB is horribly inefficient, takes forever no matter what they are doing. I mean they one year is a really short time for the ARB. That’s the time it takes them to release ARB meeting notes these days. And adding such a feature to OpenGL is much more effort. We should be glad if they ever manage to do it (and hope to be still alive by then).