dwn.exe behaves crazy / High cpu usage

Hi guys,

I’m working with the vulkan-api and noticed something crazy. Vulkan makes my dwn.exe use more cpu as any other programm.
If i execute the QueuePresentKHR function to submit the presentinfo this behaviour occours. It takes then sometimes about 8% cpu power.
I don’t know why that is happening…

Hopefully someone noticed that too or knows a solution to that problem.
Maybe that is also normal for vulkan. I don’t know.

Some system specifications:

Operating system: Windows10
Graphics card: Nvidia Geforce Gtx 760m
Processor: Intel I7-4702MQ
Vulkan Version:

Thanks in advance for all replys!

What Present Mode are you using and at what rate are you presenting.

Also what makes you think 8 % is a lot. I just tried Hello triangle style app and it uses about 12 %. In both Vulkan and OpenGL.

Yes, that is what I noticed too.
But I don’t know why that dwn.exe uses cpu at all.
For example: DirectX doesn’t seem to use resources trough the dwn.exe.
Why is that additional cpu consumtion necessary?

Are you sure that DirextX apps don’t put cpu load on DWN at all? I can’t imagine that they can bypass the DWM, but then again MS might be doing something special for their APIs. But as far as CPU load is concerned I can’t see high loads on DWM. Rendering at 4,000+ fps on my rather slow AMD 6 Core CPU has dwm at around 3~4%, which I’d say is fine.