Dumping Glide - adding OpenGL to a great old game

I am a non-tech leading a small group of enthusiasts of a very successful and still viable late 90s flight sim. Our C++ guy has the code under control, and wants to see the graphics shift to OpenGL for many reasons. I am seeking advice on finding someone who may have been down that road successfully.

Glide really isn’t that dissimilar to Opengl. If i recall it was a sort of subset of opengl 1.1. So really not that different. Porting shouldn’t be too hard.

I’ve pretty much just started with this stuff, but I think SDL/OpenGL is a great combination. SDL is good for portable code, and handles the more complicated parts of sound and image stuff. Generally following lazyfoo’s tutorials for SDL will get you acquainted with SDL (so sound/text/image/input stuff will be a breeze), and at the end of the series there’s a tutorial on integrating openGL with SDL, which is a perfect segway into NeHe’s OpenGL tutorials (it uses the windows API, but almost all the openGL stuff carries over, and there’s source code for SDL at the bottom of each tutorial).

Salute! Dukey and Neuro

That ought to keep me busy until I confer with our C++ partner.