Dummy OWLmain?

When compiling code with Borland 5.02 I am getting an error that says:
"You have accidently used the dummy version of OWLmain. What the heck does that mean and how do you fix it?

i think it’s something about you aren’t using WinMain when your settings are on windows programs, or something of that sort. borland is kinda weird, but it’s the only thing i’ve got.

It sounds like you created a new project and accepted the default settings (which assume that you want to use the OWL library). Trash that project. Create a new project with the wizard. One of the dialog boxes will have a box labelled “Use OWL Library” (or something similar…it’s been awhile). Make sure that that box is unchecked. Add your files to the project and recompile.

BTW, this subject is off topic for this newsgroup. Borland has several newsgroups that support its products. Go to www.borland.com and follow the links.