Dual Head Opengl

Why don’t I get OpenGL support on the second monitor on my ATI 9800XT ?

I use latest public drivers

Doesn’t the ATI driver support full screen opengl just as the NVidia drivers do ? I only get it on the primary display. The second display doesn’t update the window ??

Have I missed any settings ?

I believe nvidia work around MS Windows’ only-primary-card-gets-opengl restriction by implementing a ‘span’ mode in their drivers, so to windows there is only a primary card, but with a massively wide (or high) display - while still giving you the option to have windows treat it as 2 devices at the flick of a switch, if that floats your boat.
I have no idea how ATI get round this, and from my experience with ATI cards, even their chief driver writer probably doesn’t know how they get round this.