Driver Problem ???

With hardware acceleration on, my program shows odd looking 3ds model. Without it, everything is fine.
Can I conclude that it’s a draiver problem?

The system showing odd behavior is Intel 815E chipset board with the latest driver.

It may be a driver problem but also some other explanations is possible:

  • driver limitation ( not really a bug but some kind of limitation)
  • crazy error ( error in your code that shows a random behavior)

I would try to enable/disable some features in the hope of catching it.

If the model is very close, it is OK, but when it’s far away, some meshes are mixed up or not drawn.

What I did was to create display lists at the begining, and simply calling them in the drawing routine.

When the object is a little far, depth test seems not to be working propery.

Is there any workaround ?

That’s probably becasue you have set up your clipping planes in a bad way. Try push the near clipping plane out as far as possible to reduce this problem. Near clipping plane is the second last value you pass to gluPerspective, glFrustum or any other projection function.

Thank you Bob.

I was just immitating the book source code and had never considered the meaning of that parameter.
Now everything is fixed.