Driver Problem?

I’m running and OpenGL program I’m writing on win2k pro with no hardware acceleration.

There’s a rendering problem that only exhibits itself on my box at work, and I know this because I have tested it out on a bunch of others at work with different hardware/OSs.

So, I’ve concluded that it is a driver problem. While trying to figure out what it was, I noticed that there is a OpenGL.dll and an OpenGL32.dll in my WINNT/system directory. Same thing for the glu dlls. I wasn’t able to remember which one is the correct one, so I just renamed them all a little differently and ran the program again, figuring the computer would yell at me, saying “unable to locate library” or something similar, telling me just which file it was looking for (just like what happens w/ the GLUT).

Well, no such error occured. Even after restarting. Even after deleting the files altoghether (after saving them on the network).

Are the dlls only for accelerated rendering? How do I fix a “driver” problem if there’s no “drivers” being used?

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Are you sure there’s no windows selfrepairing thing involved in this?

Guys, if you ever fly with US Airways in an Airbus A330, can you tell me wether your multimedia system in the seat also crashed? I had a Microsoft OLE ODBC error and couldn’t restart windows (No reset button). Bad luck I didn’t have my camera with me…

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opengl32.dll and glu32.dll are Microsofts software implementation of OpenGL, this comes with Windows (except very old W95s), opengl32.dll and glu.dll are SGI’s software implemntation of OpenGL, this is old and not supported any longer (I think). You can have both without problems, which one is used depends on what you application is linked with (opengl32.lib/opengl.lib).


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You should never touch the opengl32.dll and glu32.dll, go to the website for the manufacturer of your card and get drivers from there, it’s usually just an install program and then you are done.


Could you specify what kind of problem it is you have ?, Micrososft’s OpenGL does have some nasty bugs that can cause problems, which may not occur at all on accelerated systems.