Driver Component Sizes Mis-Match

when i try to run Day of Defeat from steam it tells me that my drivers component sizes mis match and gives me two options, 1. ok and to continue 2. cancel.

if i choose 1. the same error comes up but if i choose 2. it takes me to my desktop

What do I do to make Day OF Defeat work? :confused:

LOL I came on here with the same prob, but fixed it.

1 Do you run XP
2 Have your latest drivers for your card (must support GL)
3 Have you installed SP2 lately ?? ( like after you installed your latest vid card drivers)

If yes to all above !! then just re-install your vid drivers again,worked for me (my card is Nvida) drivers 61.77

Wish i done it before I un-installed Quake 3 coz it wouldn’t run. :frowning:

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