drawing lots of spheres fast

i am drawing lots of spheres and want the framerates to be higher. i am using a comp that has a 4mb intergrated video card. the spheres are draw as quadretic objects in a display list. does anyone know how i can speed this up?

On that configuration I would say that display lists are your best bet.
You could try to lower number of slices and stacks in gluSphere calls.
Minimize number of state changes.
Buy new hardware ;-).

maybe on retaining the modelview matrices you are using for your all balls…
i’m not sure, but if you know the number of your balls before you render, and if this number is static and const during all the programm, i think you could save some matrices (or the whole in fact), and reuse them: opengl won’t need to calculate them with your transformations each time.
i don’t know if it will be good for you and hope this helps anyway.