Drawing a sphere

When I use gluSphere() to produce a planet that I texture map, the edges appear rough and jagged. Doing things like antialiasing the scene doesn’t help; the degree to which the edge is jagged is beyond correction via standard techniques such as blending. Also, increasing the amount of sides has little effect. Please, I don’t want to argue this fact, I merely want to make sure no one suggest using gluSphere(). I’d like to generate a sphere myself and produce correct normals so that I may produce the quality I desire, but I haven’t been able to find any algorithms that generate spheres. Could someone please point me to, or provide, a simple example of such an algorith? I’d appreciate it much.

Chris O.

i put some code in a previous post (“help me with drawing a dome”),which draws a hemisphere,should be no problem to create a whole sphere out of it.
hope i could help you

I was kind of hoping for a single routine that’s a little more compact and easy to understand. I think I recall GLUT’s glutSolidSphere()/glutWireSphere() using its own algorithm some versions ago, but now it uses gluSphere(). If I’m correct, does anyone still have that code?

-Chris O.