Drawbacks to GLUT?

Hi there,
I have searched the forums on this issue as I am about to enter into the openGl world, and there seems to be a number of limitations around GLUT. I would like to keep my code cross-platform if possible, but will using GLUT restrict me in anyway?
Thanks, Ben

Hi !

There are other alternatives to glut, there is a “free” version of glut (other license), you have SDL and if you want GUI stuff /user interface) you might be interested in FOX and Fltk.

If you are interested in games I would suggest SDL (www.libsdl.org) this has platform independent sound and thread support and some other neat stuff.

If you want menus and dialogboxes and still need to be platform independent, have a peek at Fltk or FOX.

There are a few other alternatives also, I all depend on what kind of software you plan to make.