DrawArray works with Vertex Program?

Hi all.

I have a problem. I it is necessary to use Vertex program (ARB OR NV ). But i render geometry with DrawArray and this does not work. I necessary to use DrawElement to work with vertex program? Can there is some method which works with DrawArray?

Sorry for my english.

You can use any method of sending vertex data to a vertex program. If you are having a specific problem with sending data in a particular fashion, then it is either in your code or a bug in your OpenGL drivers.

Unfortunately, you haven’t given us your code so that we can check it over, nor have you told us which GL driver you are using.

Thanks Korval. I have fixed this mistake.
But i have other problem. I try made bumpmap with dot3 and this beside me work, problem in vertex normal this shows me flat shading no smoot. I give for glNormalPointer vertex normal but this show as if i give polygon normals. You met with this problem someday?

I hope you understand my english.

Do you happen to call glShadeModel(GL_FLAT) somewhere in your code ?

Do you normalize the normal in the vertex program ?

Also if it still does not work, try to send the data of the normals in a texture coordinate instead of normal.

Thank you for answer

i use glShadeModel(GL_SMOOT); but this does not solve a problem.

Second variant interesting i shall try