Draw an origin image

If i use texture and quads to draw a image,i must resize it and opengl will modify it too.

If i use gldrawpixels,en…the speed is really…i give up this way.

If i…I “gldrawpixels” to one buffer(such backright),and copy from this bufer to my main buffer(such back left),maybe,it will be a quick job?but i do not know how to copy pixels from one buffer to another…

maybe i can use the swapbuffer.yeah,this is really quick one.but can i find a function to swap my backleft buffer to my backrightbuffer?? At lease,i do not know.

there is a function:wglSwapLayerBuffers();
I do not know how to use it.Nehe forget it.Maybe it is so-called advanced func?Can this func help me?

I just wanna draw a bmp as background,and this bmp had better keep origin:sharp and fresh.

any body read thru this post?

after all thank u.

No one can help me?