Download GLView

I am delighted to find this forum as I have spent a few hours trying to download “GLView”. I cannot find it anywhere successfully. Can anybody give me a pointer so I can get this software installed and begin programming?

many thnks.


I get afraid that the website get closed … but Google did the treak …


Thanks for that. It only allows me download “OpenGL Extensions Viewer”. Is that the same as “GL Viewer”?

I realise that may be a silly question but i’m totally new to this.



I have downloaded OpenGL Extensions Viewer 3. I have a tutorial that says “From glview, choose: File> Read > yourFileName.wrl”. But there is no “File” menu in this application. Can anybody throw some light on this for me please?


Ah, that would be a different “GlView” …
Searching for “glview vrml” I only found dead links…

maybe here, packaged as “Flow map and” :


Thank you so much.You have just solved my major problem for today.